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Pooh's Hoop

Minako Tsukatani - J.S.バッハ (ブゾーニ編曲) : ゴルトベルク変奏曲 Bwv988 他 (J.S.Bach (Arr.: F.Busoni) : Goldberg Variations Bwv988 / Minako Tsukatani, Piano) [Cd] - Import CD

Minako Tsukatani - J.S.バッハ (ブゾーニ編曲) : ゴルトベルク変奏曲 Bwv988 他 (J.S.Bach (Arr.: F.Busoni) : Goldberg Variations Bwv988 / Minako Tsukatani, Piano) [Cd] - Import CD


Classical Music


June 30, 2018


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Catalog No.: PCD1712

JAN/ISBN: 4560455651067

Number of Discs: 1

Country/Region of Manufacture: Import


Minako Tsukatani


Mizunako Tsukatani, a well-known Goltberg player, has recorded Busoni's version of "Goltberg Variations"! In performing Bach's works on the modern piano, knowing the wisdom of Busoni, who knew the piano as an "instrument" inside and out, in terms of arranging techniques and replacing pianistic sounds, will deepen and open your eyes to the splendor of Bach's works themselves. Many of Busoni's arrangements of Bach's "Golberg Variations" are "concert editions" that omit around 20 variations, or none of them have been performed after careful examination of the details of the score. This time, Mizunoko Tsukatani has thoroughly read and analyzed the details of Busoni's score, the meaning of the rewritten notes, the instructions of Ossia (not the abridged score, but rather the NB score which was written separately because it was too difficult to play), etc., and recorded the performance with "Busoni Golteberg The result is a recording of the piece played by "Busoni Goltberg's MAX". How to make the Baroque sound on a modern piano? By unraveling Busoni's score and performing it faithfully, we will return to Bach's original "Golteberg Variations".Also included are the famous pieces "I Call upon Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ" BWV 639 and "Come, O Savior of the Gentiles" BWV 659. The recordings are again by Mr. Saburo Shigata, a well-known audio magazine contributor. <After graduating from the Department of Music at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Mizunako Tsukatani moved to the Netherlands. She studied piano and chamber music under Wim Rössink, pipe organ, composition, and improvisation under Jos van der Kooij, and harpsichord under Robert Coenen. He has performed at the Royal Concertgebouw, the Netherlands National Opera, and many other European concert halls over the past 17 years, and has given many world premieres of commissioned works. He has appeared on NHK FM and TBS Internet Radio "OTTAVA," as well as in numerous interviews with newspapers and magazines in Japan and abroad. His repertoire is diverse, ranging from ancient to contemporary music to Ghibli. His CD "Gortberg Variations" (PCD 1204), the first Japanese pipe organ recording, and "Gortberg Variations" (PCD 1305) (Pooh's Hoop) on a positif organ, which is extremely difficult to play, received rave reviews in Nikkei and Ongaku no Tomo magazines.Tsukatani, a specialist in keyboard instruments, has published a new essay "Let's Hear the Golteberg Variations" (Ongaku no Tomo Publishing Co., Ltd.), which incorporates his many years of experience as a performer in the Netherlands. (Ongaku no Tomo Publishing Co., Ltd.) was published. Released "Tears of Bagatelle" (PCD 1409) (Pooh's Hoop), a collection of piano works by Silvestrov, a contemporary Ukrainian composer, on CD, "Bach Organ Works," "Sacred Pipe Organ," "Pipe Organ of Love and Prayer," "Healing Pipe Organ" (King Records), "Whispering Organ Works," "Whispering Organ Works," "Sacred Pipe Organ," "Pipe Organ of Love and Prayer," and "Whispering Organ of Healing" (King Records). ) and "Whispering Winds Vol.1 & Vol.2" are now on sale. King International Inc.

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