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Gustav Leonhardt - Bach: Inventions And Sinfonias - Japan CD Limited Edition

Gustav Leonhardt - Bach: Inventions And Sinfonias - Japan CD Limited Edition


Classical Music


April 22, 2015


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Catalog No.: SICC-1832

JAN/ISBN: 4547366235807

Number of Discs: 1

Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan


Gustav Leonhardt


This is the first release in the "Sony Classical Masterpieces Collection 1000. This is a collection of Bach's masterpieces recorded at a church in Amsterdam in 1974 by Gustav Leonhardt, a pioneer of the classical music performance movement that spread throughout the world in the second half of the 20th century. The performance, which sharply approaches the essence of the works with deep insight into the score, has great appeal for its intellectual freedom backed by a rigorous sense of balance. The sublime harpsichord sound is also a masterful performance that deserves to be heard.


1 INVENTIONS NO.1 IN C MAJOR. BWV772 / Gustav Leonhardt
2 INVENTIONS NO.2 IN C MINOR. BWV773 / Gustav Leonhardt
3 INVENTIONS NO.3 IN D MAJOR. BWV774 / Gustav Leonhardt
4 INVENTIONS NO.4 IN D MINOR. BWV775 / Gustav Leonhardt
5 INVENTIONS NO.5 IN E-FLAT MAJOR. BWV776 / Gustav Leonhardt
6 INVENTIONS NO.6 IN E MAJOR. BWV777 / Gustav Leonhardt
7 INVENTIONS NO.7 IN E MINOR. BWV778 / Gustav Leonhardt
8 INVENTIONS NO.8 IN F MAJOR. BWV779 / Gustav Leonhardt
9 INVENTIONS NO.9 IN F MINOR. BWV780 / Gustav Leonhardt
10 INVENTIONS NO.10 IN G MAJOR. BWV781 / Gustav Leonhardt
11 INVENTIONS NO.11 IN G MINOR. BWV782 / Gustav Leonhardt
12 INVENTIONS NO.12 IN A MAJOR. BWV783 / Gustav Leonhardt
13 INVENTIONS NO.13 IN A MINOR. BWV784 / Gustav Leonhardt
14 INVENTIONS NO.14 IN B-FLAT MAJOR. BWV785 / Gustav Leonhardt
15 INVENTIONS NO.15 IN B MINOR. BWV786 / Gustav Leonhardt
16 SINFONIAS NO.1 IN C MAJOR. BWV787 / Gustav Leonhardt
17 SINFONIAS NO.2 IN C MINOR. BWV788 / Gustav Leonhardt
18 SINFONIAS NO.3 IN D MAJOR. BWV789 / Gustav Leonhardt
19 SINFONIAS NO.4 IN D MINOR. BWV790 / Gustav Leonhardt
20 SINFONIAS NO.5 IN E-FLAT MAJOR. BWV791 / Gustav Leonhardt
21 SINFONIAS NO.6 IN E MAJOR. BWV792 / Gustav Leonhardt
22 SINFONIAS NO.7 IN E MINOR. BWV793 / Gustav Leonhardt
23 SINFONIAS NO.8 IN F MAJOR. BWV794 / Gustav Leonhardt
24 SINFONIAS NO.9 IN F MINOR. BWV795 / Gustav Leonhardt
25 SINFONIAS NO.10 IN G MAJOR. BWV796 / Gustav Leonhardt
26 SINFONIAS NO.11 IN G MINOR. BWV797 / Gustav Leonhardt
27 SINFONIAS NO.12 IN A MAJOR. BWV798 / Gustav Leonhardt
28 SINFONIAS NO.13 IN A MINOR. BWV799 / Gustav Leonhardt
29 SINFONIAS NO.14 IN B-FLAT MAJOR. BWV800 / Gustav Leonhardt
30 SINFONIAS NO.15 IN B MINOR. BWV801 / Gustav Leonhardt

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